Croft Farm

Croft Farm remains a working farm of about 150 acres. Originally purchased by the Gillett family in 1916, it was then called Commons Farm which indicates the very sandy, heathland type soils which characterise most of the arable land. For this reason root and vegetable crops, including carrots, onions and sweetcorn are grown. Key to success with these crops is the use of an irrigation system which covers most of the farm.


As with many smaller farms a contractor is now employed to work the arable land. This means that little equipment is kept here at Croft Farm, but the contractors use very large machinery which works many thousands of acres in Suffolk during the course of a year.

The farm has a number of grass meadows which are used for sheep grazing. Most of the grassland is within an
environmental scheme designated to encourage low stocking rates and minimal use of fertilisers. Ewes and lambs make good use of these meadows during the summer period when grass may be in short supply on the sandy soils away from the river valley.

In recent years we have looked at ways to diversify the farm business with alternative use of buildings, a small caravan site, and since 2001, holiday accommodation.

100 Years At Croft Farm

A short film produced to celebrate the Gillett family’s centenary at the farm.

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